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The global public's acquaintance with the concept of sustainability occurred thanks to the report titled "Our Common Future" published by the World Environment and Development Commission working within the United Nations in 1987.
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It is all kinds of substances that are objectionable to be released directly or indirectly to the receiving environment in a way that harms human and environmental health, resulting from production and usage activities.
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After the tires are removed from the vehicle bottom, they become "used tires" or "end of life tires". When the tread depth of the tires falls to a certain millimeter (1.6 mm for passenger vehicle tires), it is dangerous to use the tires under the vehicle.
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Stock, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products or assets that a firm holds in order to make production are natural products.
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About Ecosave

Ecosave Çevre ve Enerji A.Ş., was established to recycle the ELT (End of Life Tire), which is one of the biggest sources of environmental pollution and disappeared in about 1000 years, without harming the environment and transform it into reusable material for industry.
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